Gunung Payung Beach: A Hidden Paradise

Bali, oh South Bali. This Island of the Gods never runs out of charm, but believe me, there’s one hidden gem that has just stolen my heart: Gunung Payung Beach. Yes, it’s also known as East Pandawa Beach, but to make it sound more exotic, I’ll just call it Gunung Payung, okay!

I am Indonesian and live in Bali, so you can call me a local. The journey there initially made me nervous. Traveling on Bali’s roads, full of ascents and twists, was daunting, but the view of green rice fields and majestic temples at every corner made my tension disappear. 

About 32 minutes from the airport, and 9 minutes from Budi Ungasan I arrived at the location. High cliffs loomed in front of me, but fortunately, there was a shuttle bus ready to take me down to the beach for IDR 15,000 (with a bonus of mineral water too!).

As soon as I got off the shuttle, my eyes were greeted by soft white sand and clear blue seawater. Ah, but unlike other beaches in South Bali, Gunung Payung didn’t require me to do a long trek. Just a 10-minute descent down the stairs, voila! Paradise unfolded before my eyes. Different from most beaches where the waves are calm at noon, Gunung Payung instead showed a fierce aura with slightly bigger waves. White foam broke on the shore, creating a soothing rustling sound.

Not just sitting around enjoying the view, I immediately rented a canoe for IDR 50,000 per hour. But remember, always be careful and pay attention to the tide. Eh, don’t worry, the beach officers are quick to ensure our safety.

As evening arrived, my stomach began to rumble. Picnic time! The beach sand is so vast, so spreading a mat and taking out modest packed food felt super luxurious. Joking with friends while enjoying the sunset behind the hills, truly an unforgettable moment. Even though not exactly from the edge of the beach, the view of the sky colored by an orange-red sunset was still mesmerizing.

What Made Me Fall in Love:

  • Easy access, no long trekking required
  • Stunning views, clear sea water, and soft white sand
  • Big waves suitable for those who like challenges (or just want cool photos)
  • Friendly prices, entry ticket IDR 10,000, shuttle IDR 15,000, canoe IDR 50,000 per hour
  • Peaceful atmosphere, not too crowded with tourists
  • Sufficient facilities: food stalls, toilets, parking area

Some tips:

  • Bring a camera, don’t miss capturing the beautiful moments
  • Wear comfortable footwear for walking down the stairs
  • Be careful when canoeing, pay attention to the tide
  • Bring your own food and drinks (there are stalls but with limited choices)
  • Keep the beach clean, dispose of trash properly

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