Conscious call

Have you ever felt called by a place, by an energy, the sea, or a certain country?

I certainly did.

It was 2022 October, I was still living in Guangzhou, China. (wild, huh)
when I saw an image that a friend sent to me of a very special coastshore, a beautiful beach in Bali, saying he wants to build a resort there. It felt right for him as it was the only place he felt geologically and energetically appropriate for his endeavors and the next phase of life.

I saved that image on my phone and every now and then kept coming back to it and looking at it. It started an affair with me, that one image.

I could subtly hear the callings every day, the only way I could describe it is that ‘the Ocean was calling me’

at the same time I was losing interest in my current job at that time and the whole lifestyle I had in China, after spending almost a decade there, I needed a change.

I wanted to feel expansive, and free, living a new kind of life.

So, I packed my bags and some courage and left.

Embracing the newness.

The last time I was in Bali was in 2017 and I was an entirely different person. I wasn’t quite aware of things, especially the energy stuff and how it all works. So it was a classical tourist trip, filled with visiting all the main tourist attractions, no time to rest, drinking almost every night, and exciting my brain with all the ‘wrong’ things.
I thought it was normal.

5 years later and, of course, I was an entirely different person.
Hearing subtle calls of energies into a new life initiation. As I decided on this new endeavor going back to my old life was not an option. I had some savings with me so I kept exploring, went for a Yoga Teacher training, then Meditation teacher training, I was just really happy that there was something new in my reality than the same old life that I had. I got deeper and deeper into healing myself, things came up, and my reality started to shift drastically as I started to shift things from the inside. And what a beautiful and destructive process that is, it was everything I didn’t know I needed.

I met so many new people and each contact led me deeper into a rabbit hole, I was indeed like “Alice in Wonderland”.
It was both fun and wild and concerning and all the emotions but it made me realize many things about the reality of this world and how it all works.

What would I advise to people who are planning to visit Bali and the ones who might feel a call to come here is to always listen to your intuition, there are many portals here and many different groups of communities, and the best is not to get attached to anything and keep listening to your Soul and little nudges taking you where you need to be.

No matter where you are or what you do, your path will always find you.

You just have to Listen.

IG: @nikanorthstar

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